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episode 27

Facebook still doesn’t get it

14 years ago

There should be a drinking game that involves the words privacy and Facebook; and if there was such a game, players would be drunk within a matter of minutes.

episode 26

Palm lives another day

14 years ago

Palm will continue to live another day – if not, for years – as HP announced the company will buy the sputtering mobile phone manufacture for $1.2 billion dollars.

episode 25

Questions about the Gizmodo raid

14 years ago

There are more questions than answers being asked about the Gizmodo raid and as the days go on, more questions will likely be asked. I’ve done some research on the topic at hand and try to answer some – if not, all – of these questions. Keep in mind that I’m not a lawyer nor am I a media analysis, but I do consider myself a journalist as I have taken some courses at college, which some bloggers have not.

episode 24

Apple brings the law on Gizmodo

14 years ago

(Editor’s note: I apologize for the awful sound in today’s episode. I was not in the studio and can’t bring all the equipment I use to record an episode with me when I travel.

episode 23

Spying school notebooks

14 years ago

If you’re a parent with a kid in high school and was issued a school notebook, you should be very alarmed about this story out of Pennsylvania.

episode 22

Twitter axes developers

14 years ago

Attention: developers, If your product relies heavily on Twitter and does nothing but grab users’ tweets, either change or die. That’s the message Twitter sent when they bought Tweetie last week.

episode 21

Fighting piracy is dead

14 years ago

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) are up against wall and smelling defeat. Last week’s showcase was probably the last desperate attempt to stay alive as both organizations want the United States’ government to do the following, according to Boing Boing, The EFF and Gizmodo:

episode 19

Dump Cable for Hulu

15 years ago

Hot off the heals of the New York Times moving to a pay-wall structure, Hulu may move as well. I explain why the move will kill cable and allow a-la carte subscriptions for cable channels.

episode 18

The Times, there are a chargin’

15 years ago

The New York Times announced the news maker is moving from free to a pay-wall structure. And this one makes sense.

episode 17

The power of the Internet

15 years ago

Another disaster occurs and when the main lines of communication are disrupted, the Internet steps in the fill the void.

episode 16

3D Porn

15 years ago

Is 3D porn on the horizon? Hustler thinks so. And it could it help get 3D to penetrate the market like the pron industry did to VHS and DVD.

A new side of social networking emerged after a devastating earthquake struck Haiti, texting your donations. Unfortunately, some are making money off of your charitable donations.

episode 14

Twitter, The Worldwide Leader in News

15 years ago

Editor’s note: I said in the podcast that the presidential palace had collapsed, instead it was the National palace. This my error and not towards the Twitter user.

episode 13

Google may leave China?

15 years ago

News broke today that Google may be exiting China because of a security breach. Why I think Google is leaving because of the Chinese government instead of a business motive.

About Control Daily
Technology moves fast and can be misunderstood. Control Daily is your source for daily tech news in an easy to understand format.